Walt Disney World's Best Breakfast: Kona Cafe

By Charles Starrett | Filed under Guides on Jun 21, 2009

There are literally hundreds of places to have breakfast on Walt Disney World property, but only one leaves an impression that stay with you long after you've boarded your flight home: Kona Cafe in Disney's Polynesian Resort. Tucked away in an upstairs corner on the same side as the resort's more widely-known Ohana eatery, the Kona Cafe is open to the surrounding walkways and to the waterfalls and floral features of the Great Ceremonial House's central area. It's also open for lunch and dinner, but the morning hours are when the Cafe really shines versus competing options.


Everything on the menu is generally good to great, but the real standout is the Tonga Toast. Part french toast, part savory breakfast treat, and all tasty, Tonga Toast is a small, personalized loaf of sourdough French Toast rolled in cinnamon and sugar and stuffed with bananas. The result is nothing short of excellent. It's served with a breakfast meat of your choice and both maple syrup and strawberry compote; you're sure to eat way too much.



Other options include more traditional fare like steak and eggs, a ham and cheese omelet, pancakes, and french toast; those seeking the maximum amount of sustenance may opt for the Big Kahuna, a veritable feast that includes french toast, pancakes topped with pineapple sauce and Macadamia Nut butter, eggs, home-fried potatoes, ham, bacon, and sausage.


Also not to be missed is the 100% Kona Coffee, an invigoratingly rich coffee flown in from Kona, Hawaii, and served in a French Press pot to ensure the utmost freshness and preservation of flavor. For those that simply can't get enough, bags of the stuff are available for the princely sum of $40, in both whole bean and ground varieties. The Kona Cafe also offers more high-octane breakfast drinks, including the fantastic Wasabi Mary, a slightly twisted take on the classic Bloody Mary, and Mimosas.


Overall, the tropical, Polynesian influences, relaxed ambiance, and stellar service all combine to create a perfect complement to the Kona Cafe's outstanding breakfast food, and help to make it one of our "can't miss" picks for a meal at the Walt Disney World resort.


You sold me. I'm going tomorrow morning to try it out. One of the few I had not tried before. In fact, been to Ohana a number of times and didn't know this place was there. Thanks for the tip.

Charles Starrett Author Profile Page said:

Thanks Mark - Glad you enjoyed the article, and hope you enjoyed your breakfast!

Brandy Author Profile Page said:

I love Tonga Toast!

Steven J said:

I would have to throw my hat in the ring picking Chef Mickey's as the best Breakfast at WDW, by far!

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