It's official: Six Flags approved to sell alcohol

By Ryan McClung | Filed under News on Mar 26, 2009

After months of legislation and back-and-forth between Arlington city officials, Six Flags Inc. and the local citizenry, Six Flags Over Texas and Hurricane Harbor will be officially allowed to sell alcohol on park grounds.

The parks were granted a mixed-beverage permit this past Tuesday when the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission decreed that opponents of the alcohol sales would not be granted another hearing.

Sharon Parker, a Six Flags spokeswoman, told The Associated Press, "We're moving forward with offering this service that many guests have requested."

Though the parks were awarded permission to sell liquor, park officials said they plan to only sell beer. Pricing for a 16-ounce cup is set at $5.99. Park guests will be made to drink their beer in designated areas and will not be allowed to leave those areas with beer in-hand.

Park officials also made clear that they will suspend alcohol sales on days set aside for students, such as Physics Day and Math and Science Day.

Six Flags Over Texas will begin selling beer on March 28 while Hurricane Harbor beer sales will be available May 16.

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