Federal judge rules creationism-themed park to be seized

By Ryan McClung | Filed under News on Aug 4, 2009

In a bit of random news, a federal judge ruled last week that Dinosaur Aventure Land, a creationism theme park in Pensacola, Florida, would be seized. The park's owners were convicted of tax fraud and the land the park inhabits and the two bank accounts associated with it will be expropriated to satisfy $430,400 owed to the federal government in taxes.

The seizure of the property is the result of 17 years of the park's owner, Kent Hovind, fighting the federal government over $470,000 in employee taxes owed. Hovind claimed he was employed by God and his "ministers"--I'm assuming this means "employees"--were not subject to payroll taxes.

Hovind is now imprisoned at the Edgefield Federal Correction Institution in South Carolina.

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